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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boudoir Photography?

The book definition of Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. My definition is more about you, the woman being photographed and making her feel special and unique.

Who should have a Boudoir shoot and why?

I am going to blow your mind by saying don’t do it for the obvious reason. Yes we all want to have our significant other look at us all dolled up looking absolutely sexy and want us more than they have in a while. But there are better reasons to do it.

No matter what your body looks like every girl walks into a boudoir photo shoot and is scared shitless, kid you not. They are worried and nervous that they are going to look frumpy or fat. “Don’t get my bad side. Does this make me look fat? Let me hide my fat.” I hear the same things from the skinny girls and the girls like me. The truth is every woman has her insecurities. You may not know or see them but they are there. Every. Single. Woman. You put any woman in front of a camera and the insecurities just come spilling out of you. You just can’t help it. But then you start posing in beautiful ways, hearing how amazing you look. All those insecurities disappear. I watch a woman go from nervous about every little thing going on to having the time of their life! Laughing and heck even pulling off all their clothes. It is so awesome to see this change. It makes me feel so great to play a part in this. And then when you see you in your boudoir images, wow. I have had women say “is that really me?” I’ve even seen tears.

The way I see it is this is really who you are. You just forgot about it. You have gotten so caught up in everyday life the real you has faded away. You have forgotten how amazing you are. It is time to remember who you are. Remember how beautiful you are inside and out. Remember how unique you are. There is no other like you and you should celebrate that.

Where will your shoot take place?

As some of you know, I no longer have a studio on the square.  I am offering special boudoir events which take place at different locations.  I will post all special events that are taking place.  If you already have a location you would like your session to take place at, your house or a friend's house or even a hotel room, I can come to you.  Contact me for more information!

Who is your Boudoir photographer?

I, Nikki Clark, will be your boudoir photographer. I have been taking pictures for well over 10 years. I started taking boudoir pictures a little over 2 years ago by starting out with boudoir marathons and also special location shoots!

How much will your Boudoir shoot cost?

Your price depends on what specials/marathons I am offering.  It also depends on if you have your own location and if I'm coming to you!

Contact me if you are interested in setting up a payment plan for you shoot!

Do you need to bring your outfits for your boudoir shoot? What is best to wear? Do I have any outfits in my studio?

Yes, you will need to provide your own outfits for your shoot. We will start out with whatever you are the most comfortable in since the first few images are your “nervous” images.

Corsets, teddy’s, panty & bra sets, significant other’s shirt/tie/t-shirt all make wonderful images.

I have a few items in my studio that can be worn. I also have fabric wraps that can be used for cover ups.

How long does your boudoir shoot last?

The length of your boudoir shoot will depend on the package/shoot you have chosen. Mini shoots last 30-45 minutes. Full shoots last anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. Friends/Bachelorette shoots vary depending on how many girls are attending (and how much fun you are having).

Why should you drive all the way to Winchester, TN for your boudoir shoot?

Winchester, TN isn’t a big city nor in a big County which makes it more beneficial to you. You don’t have to fight traffic nor fight to find a parking space.  

You don't want to drive here?  Contact me to set up a shoot at your location, such as your home or a friend's home.  I am very flexible with your session.

I make it a priority to know what I am doing and to do a professional job, so I train constantly for boudoir photography.

Taking your breath away or bringing tears to your eyes is a must for me. I want to touch your heart more than your eyes with my photography.

Is professional hair & makeup included in your shoot? Do you have to use my artist for your boudoir shoot?

Hair & makeup is not included in every shoot. It can be added to your shoot for an extra charge. You are not required to used my hair & makeup artist but I highly suggest you do. Boudoir shoots require a certain technique for hair & makeup for it to show through in your images and my artist knows what she is doing. Plus to get the feel experience you should choose to have it and get completely pampered for your shoot!

Should you go tanning the day before your boudoir shoot?

Straight forward and to the point, no. Tanning can cause streaks, redness, and blotchy skin before you shoot. Also if you choose to spray tan, it can cause all these issued AND cause you to look orange. We use a lot of white sheets and props in my studio and your spray tan can damage those.

Can you bring props to your shoot? Do I have props you can use?

I encourage you to bring props for your shoot. Just don’t bring big items in since I am limited on space in my studio. I do allow guns for props in my studio since I photograph alot of police officers wives and female police officers BUT make sure they are unloaded before you walk into the building. Pets are not allowed as props. If you have a question on props, please feel free to shoot me a message and ask.

Yes, I have limited props in my studio. I have angel wings, all kinds of hats, masks, and I am getting more every day.

Will I airbrush/photoshop your images?

Your images are edited to include skin softening, reducing the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles, and bump/blemish removal. I have a small scar on my mouth from a skate boarding incident when I was young. I kind of like it and wouldn’t really want it gone because it is part of me. If you have a certain feature (mole,scare,etc.) you don’t want removed, make sure to let me know.

Do I photography or have I photographed full figure women?

Honey, I am a big girl and proud of it. And I don’t believe in clothing sizes but believe in body types. I proudly shoot every shape girl possible because EVERY WOMAN DESERVES TO FEEL SPECIAL. No number should interfere with that whether it be on a scale or a clothing size.

And yes I have shot every shape and size of woman, including a self portrait of this big girl!

You are so nervous about your shoot and don’t know how to pose and look sexy in front of a camera.

I got you!

Trust me I understand. More people are nervous than not nervous when they walk in my studio.

I HAVE GOT YOU! I am not just your photographer but I am your coach. I will help you from the beginning to the end. I will not only tell you what I want you to do but I will show you myself. I won’t just snap pictures and leave you on your own to wonder what it looks like. I will even turn my camera around to give you an idea of how good of a job you are doing.

When can you book a shoot and do I book on weekends?

This is my part time job (BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) but I will do my best to book you a shoot when I can. I do most shoots on the weekends but also schedule during the week after 5:00 in the evening. I even shoot on Sundays! Just get with me and we will work to schedule you a shoot which is convenient for you.

How soon should you book your boudoir session?

Since I am limited on shoot time, you should book your shoot as soon as possible, even if you are wanting it in a couple of months.

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask that you reschedule your session at least 10 days prior to your boudoir shoot to keep from losing your deposit/retainer fee. Each different type shoot (mini, full session, friends) has a different retainer policy.

What all is included in your Boudoir shoot?

This all depends on what shoot you have purchased. Check the prices section.

How sexy do you need to go? Do I shoot nude sessions?

Your sexy level is all up to you. I want you to be as sexy as you feel comfortable going. I do shoot some nude but tastefully. If you have a question on this please contact me so we can discuss it prior to your shoot. I can also give the illusion of nudity without actually being nude. Yep, we are magic at my studio. LOL

Do I offer Pin-Up styled shoots?

Of course we offer Pin-up type shoots. Just make sure when booking you ask for this type shoot so I can make any arrangements I need to prior.

Do I offer outdoor/on location Boudoir shoots?

Unfortunately at this time, I do not have an outdoor location. If you have an idea and a location, contact me and we can discuss this as a possibility.

What if I want to purchase additional items/products?

I have a separate product list which you can purchase from. I offer albums, magazines (which I am in love with!), retro viewers-old fashioned toy for adults, prints, more digital files, calendars, keychains, wall art… you name it and I can do it.

When do you get to see your images?

After your session, it takes up to 2 weeks for editing but usually less than this amount of time. I would love to schedule a viewing session and have you come back in and go through your images, including a special slideshow set to music. If you don’t have the time for that, I can create you an online, password protected, gallery on www.nikkisuniquephotography.com., so you can view your watermarked images online. You may then choose your images or products that came with your session. This gallery will only stay up for 2 weeks after being posted.

Can you bring a friend to your shoot with you to help with the nervousness?

I encourage you to bring a friend. It helps to ease the tension you feel and help you laugh and be yourself. I ask that no one bring a camera or take pictures with their cell phone of your photo session. That is my job and I want to make sure your images look good. They are more than welcome to snap a few during hair & makeup, before, & after your session. I even have my own hashtag to add to your images!

You have a friend who wants to book a shoot also. Can you book them back to back and come together?

Sure! Just contact me to book and make sure I have two sessions back to back available. Or check into Friend shoots, where you and at least 3 other friends book and you get a discount.

You are ready to book! Now what?

Just contact me through Facebook, email, text or call me and we will set up your session! Also, join my WOMENS ONLY- private Facebook page Nikki’s Unique Photography Boudoir for more information, news, or up-coming events.